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WESTBOURNE training & consulting
… giving you the confidence to present

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Westbourne Training and Consulting specialise in providing training and coaching in presentation skills and public speaking.

Recognised by a National Training Award, as well as the UK’s first Supreme Training Award, we are dedicated to making immediate improvements to your ability to present.   

Our training is based on the idea that presentations are used not merely to communicate information but to influence, persuade or sell to an audience.  It is critical, therefore, that employees at all levels have an ability to present their ideas with clarity, enthusiasm and conviction.

The services we provide include training for small groups; workshops for delegates preparing for a specific presentation; one-to-one coaching in public speaking; as well as a coaching service using web conferencing.

What all of these approaches have in common is a commitment to bringing communication alive through powerful presentation techniques that will help your organisation meet its performance targets.

Do you want to present with greater confidence?
Do you want to present more persuasively?
Do you want to present with more impact?

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